The Method

SCHOOL MISSION: Help students in school believe and pursue a path of Excellence in Life and in Sport. This is why the school counts on an excellent staff that brings into play its precedent experience gained in this field and allows achieving such path.

The training programs are customized for each athlete depending on the individual educational program. Moreover, depending on the results that are to be obtained in a given amount of time, technical, tactical and situational aspects are developed giving particular attention as well to the mental training of the athlete.

In brief, the educational proposal of our school includes:

The constant improvement and quest for the athletes of an objective of Excellence, independently from the individual level, must be guided and supported by a top notch organization. The values and related diffusion are the base to any evolution for which, depending on the function and on the level required, it is asked to contribute by providing individual creative share and experience to help develop an environment whereas people can work in a passionate, collaborative way and they can provide innovative ideas with an open minded collaborative and thrust-worthy attitude useful to confrontation even at times of difficulties that will come along the way.

The evaluation of the performances that are offered at our school are key to our organization, contemplating a constant confrontation with the athlete and the family to assess the results and the improvement on the objectives that have been achieved and to collect critiques and suggestions necessary for the development of the school.

With the scope of encouraging the integration of our athletes at the international level and enlarge the educational horizons, a collaborative agreement has been signed with the Tennis Talents organization founded by Luca Appino, ATP coach with international degree, already known for his important experience in scouting and training.

Through the TT formula analysis of the individual, the main qualities and lacking of the player are identified, the objectives are agreed and the work is done through the TT method emphasizing the qualities and filling the lacking.
The goal of such method is not to forecast the future but rather to operate in the best way possible, in a systematic and focused way, in order to reduce at the minimum errors occurring on the path of growth, education, training and performance.

After developing various tennis schools in Italy, he has gained an important experience in the scouting activity, working for a well-known company in the field, Babolat, allowing signing contracts with future number 1 players such as Kim Clijsters, Dinara Safina, Andy Roddick e Rafa Nadal. He has trained several international players as well, such as Kaia Kanepi, and he has been appointed in 2010, Director of the Turkish Tennis Federation. While being in charge, thanks to him, the young promise Ons Jabeur has won the Roland Garros junior title.
The last autumn, Luca has accomplished an important project in Zagabria inaugurating the Tennis Talents in which, the eyelet is the 25 years old Ante Pavic that has arrived at its 3rd round in the Roland Garros qualification, at its second Slam appearance, after the Australian one in January.

From Monday to Saturday tennis lessons of 2 hours with only two boys for each teacher.
Since the school believes that the experience and the capability of each member of the technical staff could contribute essentially to the development of the individual potentialities, it is expected that the boys could be trained during the coaching from all the teachers. For organization purposes one tutor will be at disposal of each athlete, he will be designated as contact person for family communication and also for the logistical scheduling of the player activity.

Furthermore ACE organizational structure makes available the tennis court on the weekend for the athletes, supporting and promoting the organization of matches also with the partecipation of athletes outside the school, in order to simulate the typical situation of the official competitions.

The training of every athlete is customized and developed for each one so that the main training functionalties will be improved: such as the resistance, the strength, the velocity, the agility, the coordination and the flexibility, in order that the athlete can improve and optimize the movements in the game with the objective of making the sport performance as much efficient as possible.
The customized athletic training has also the purpose of minimizing the accidents that could interrupt or slow down the goals’ realization for the athlete.

It is expected a physical training session of 1,5 hours guided by sports’ trainer, who are constantly formed and updated according to the newest techniques that are internationally preferred for the training of high level athletes.

Based on the calendar scheduling of the provincial, national and international tournaments and taking into account the goals of each individual athlete, the tutor will indicate at which tournaments to take part in accordance with the technical staff and will identify the goals to be achieved for each athlete, acting in concert with the athlete and his family.

A representative of the technical structure will follow, in a certain number of tournaments, the athlete during the competition analyzing with him the final scores achieved in such a way as to compare them with the objective and the project and possibly implement the program with adaptation or modification.

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. The nutrition is very important for the atheltes’ perfomances. Therefore it is given attention to the sensitivity of the athletes’ diet, both in terms of an appropriate calorie intake and in terms of a correct balance of the essential macronutrients.

The realization of a project, with the objective of resarching excellence, cannot prevento from a complete program of mental training aimed to changing the way of thinking and the attitude of the athlete on the execution of his own routine activity, both of training and of performance.

Specifically, the boy will be guided to use techniques aimed at increasing the awareness of his own means and to remove the negative conditioning, which deeply limit the ability of focusing on the improvement objective of each training session as well as the performance, independently from where and when they have come into our way of thinking.

Great importance will be given to the management of the results, so that the failures can build a starting point towards the continuous improvement and they will not be experienced as a negative moment by the athlete.

The management of the match and the relative influence will be an additional area where we will try to work intensely so that the athlete can learn and accept the mistakes without conditioning the rest of the performance.



Il livello Eccellenza e’ la sintesi e l’essenza dell’intero progetto ed è l’obiettivo che ci diamo per ciascun giovane inserito nel nostro programma.

1,5 hours

of athletics

2 hours

of tennis

Under 10/14/18

three to five times a week


From Monday to Saturday tennis lessons of 2 hours with the addition of optional programs for the weekend and the summer. All the technical and the tactical aspects are a part of the athletes’ activity included the mobility and the position in the court, based on the Ace methodology, in order to improve the tennis level and develop a better tactical plan from all the court zones.


The Excellence program consists in 1.5 hours of athletic preparation and training every day. The sport’s trainer of Ace Tennis Center are qualified experts and have specific experiences and skills of tennis training.


The development of the mental capacities, that is integrated into the programs and the methodologies and is supported by our experts, will enable the athlete to learn and make a better use of the instruments that will be fundamental to his tennis progressive development, but also for present and future life and for the enhancement of the balance between studies, trainings, competitions and free time.


The “engine” of each athlete must include proper nutrition and it must be customized based on the athlete’s physique, its game level, the intensity of the training calendar and competitions so as to the specific needs and situation of the moment (during match time, during time of rest, during free time etc.)


Being aware that in order to strive for Excellence, in addition to the staff expertise, the school must provide to the athletes state-of-art machineries, we have invested in training equipments and in high level performance analysis that have distinguished us as a unique structure in Italy and a few unique structures in Europe equipped with such machineries.


The main system that will be adopted is called Playsight, which allows, with the coverage of 6 high resolution cameras on the training and competition courts, to study the training and the agonistic performance in every single detail, from the movements to the shots’ speed and to record each event, both match and trainings.

The use of such system will allow a fast analysis of all the information related to the performance of each player in real time, reducing the necessary learning time.


The Playmate is a programmable machine that can remotely operate through smartphone and allows to throw balls with a customized sequence.
Customization can be in terms of speed, type of shot, court area and frequency of the throw.

With such unique system present in Italy, it’s possible to train the response to all kinds of serve (flat, top, slice) up to 200 km/h in all the court areas at scheduled frequencies.