ACE TENNIS CENTER was founded with the aim of training young athletes who want to express their full potential by taking a path of excellence meaning the practice of a sport as a method of education and general education, regardless of the orientation future of the young athlete.

The student of our courses, through a process of continuous improvement, based on a regular work of learning during the training sessions, will continuously review the results achieved on the basis of targets agreed with the trainers to tailor those services to the level achieved by the athlete.

The method adopted by our structure requires that for each athlete:

  • are identified areas for improvement;
  • disclosure of the priority levels for the medium and long term objectives;
  • is to determine the weaknesses and strengths and work respectively to fill them and strengthen them;

The achievement of objectives will depend a lot on the willingness of athletes to pursue a change in the way of understanding the daily training, however, an essential role in the improvement of the performances will also be carried out by the family who will share their goals the improvement actions and will be of support in the various stages of improvement.

The student of our courses will be required to learn, over the years, planning and control goals in the short, medium and long term by developing an attitude that will allow him to make the best out of each training session to prepare it to face competition in the best possible way.



PlayIt, Terra Battuta. Indoor, Outdoor.
Da noi ci sono tutte le condizioni per allenarti al meglio.

Vasca da 20 metri con solarium.
Allenamento e relax a 360°

La sala, con capienza massima di 60 persone, può soddisfare le esigenze di Eventi, Ricevimenti, Pranzi e Cene di Lavoro.