He recently went over 60 years old but he is still active in the field like a little boy. Oscar Coria is Guglielmo’s father, previous third place on the Atp rank. Argentinian born and bred, Oscar is a tennis instructor. We have not specifically defined him as a teacher because in his sport conception the term would have been reductive. In these days he is at the Ace Tennis Center of Volvera for his first “Italian” experience, engaged in an intensive stage for boys and aspirant players aged between 10 and 16 years old: “A good week – he emphasizes with his careful look – in which the boys are working good, surrounded by several staff members, knowledgeably followed in an environment that I consider perfect for the training”.

Important word, the last one, for Oscar Coria: “I consider myself a trainer – he specifies – of junior athletes aged between 8 and 13 years old, committed to the monitoring and the guidance towards the realization of the project of a player”. Grown up in the school of Don Felipe Locicero, one who teached tennis to a “certain” Guillermo Vilas, Coria states that for the creation of a good tennis school many years are needed, at least twenty. This is the time for learning the shots and the technique and that takes from 4 to 6 years: “I suggest to boys a lot of care, effort, will, tenacity, attention to the technique. In 100 that try, only 10 athletes become players and only one a champion. Our sport is fascinating and incredible – the instructor continues – in which you have to create the potential to compete against the others. When you become a well-rounded player then, but only in that moment, the talent can make the difference. Alone is not enough, if not supported by other essential qualities related to tennis, and not only the modern one. Today a lot of persons revolve around the athletes, while in my view the instructors of a time are needed.

The atmosphere in these days at the Ace Tennis Center of Volvera is proactive. The boys involved in the stage, about fifteen, train with tennis and the athletic preparation, 8 hours per day and finish tired: “Here there is a good predisposition to the sacrifice – Coria affirms – as evidence of the fact that who manages the structure has a specific training plan. The rules are fundamental to the growth and everyone has to know them, including the parents. Sometimes the wrong influences reach right from them”. Is it easier to stand out in Argentina or in Europe?. Coria continues: “The circumstances are deeply different. In Argentina the distances are bigger, sometimes to reach the club one needs also one day of trip and this certainly doesn’t help. While in Europe you reach any training center within a maximum of 2 hours and this is a great advantage. The path to become a pro is as much structured as personal. I believe that it has to be started early, if you identify in the athlete the right features which he can try for. Therefore, the participation at the international youth tournaments is essential, always more important.”

“A bit as my Guillermo did, as he had also the luck, it is essential, to win the Bonfiglio beating Kafelnikov, the number one of the category at the time. The attentions of the sponsors were immediately all for him and his career started”. Today Oscar Coria has an Academy in Rosario and tends to grow the youngest ones as well as the instructors. He arrived in Italy thanks to having known Francesco Sasso, teacher at TC Bisceglie: “I became friend with Valentin Florez – Francesco says – Argentinian that trains itself at the Academy of Oscar Coria and plays the team competition of my club. So I passed two and a half months in Rosario trying to learn as much as possible and it was really an enriching experience”. The next stage with Oscar Coria will be the next week exactly in the Apulian club. Meanwhile, until Friday, at the Ace Tennis Center of Volvera training, sweating and smiling: “I would like – Oscar Coria concludes – to follow up these experiences in Italy making available to the boys (8-13 years) my expertise.

“Maybe it could be created a new leading training center. The spiritual guide will be always accuracy, method and not skipping any step along the way. It is necessary to work well and with patience to achieve something. Perhaps the next Vilas of the tennis will be in Italy, maybe in Volvera, thanks to the academic trainings of Oscar!”

Roberto Bertellino – ACE Tennis Center press office