In these days, the Ace Tennis Center of Volvera is hosting several trainings with international female and male players already part of the ITF circuit or of the junior circuit.

This was the case of the British player Anastasia Mikheeva, born in Russia in 1999, placed 200th in the ITF category. Luca Appino, consultant for the international development of the Center, introduces her: “I met her two weeks ago at the Portorose tournament. I evaluated her, following the explicit request of who is currently training her and her entourage asked me to observe her from a technical point of view in these last days. I offered her to follow me to the Volvera Ace where I would have been involved the upcoming week and she immediately accepted. Two days became five days and the results given from the work done, even from her point of view, were immediate. It ended this morning. I will be monitoring her with a specific program for the next two, four and six weeks, with reciprocal weekly reports as well as with reports coming from her coach. A female player with a great potential – continues Appino – with a good technical base and a considerable physical strength.”

Starting September the Serbian tennis player Kachar that has trained with Roberto Centamo for the recent 25.000 $ ITF of Torino where she almost got to the final quarter starting from the qualifications, will be regularly from time to time at the Ace Tennis Center.

Meanwhile Luca Appino will start next week with his tecnical collaboration with Donna Vekic, emerging world wide tennis player and Croatian player, up until the end of the year. Who knows if she might appear around here, perhaps for a callback preparation during the season?

Roberto Bertellino – Press office ACE Tennis Center