He was born in 2001 and he is nearly 1.90 metres tall, Nemanja Subanovic is a Serbian Candidate Professional that lives a few kilometres from the Hungary border.

In these days he is training at Volvera’s Ace Tennis Center, taking care by Luca Appino, technical consultant of the structure, and of the centre’s staff.
First of all athletics then tennis, in the morning and afternoon time. Warm-up, forehands, backhands, serves, a few scores. So much dedication can be seen face of this boy, who has closed the year 2015 ranking 34th on the list of the Tennis Europe under 14 (even playing few tournaments) and is hungry for growing up.

Tennis players that can teach so much also to our players, especially when at the end of a serve session, to the question asked by Luca Appino…”are you satisfied?”, they answer like him…”not at all, I would like to make one more”. That’s just it is success. Other basket and we go look for a better slice, more insidious trajectories, looking at the present time, but above all at tomorrow. At the end, the spontaneous smile comes back on the face of the good boy, Luca Appino tells: “In Serbia he will have a school permission, for sports’ credits and indicatively in 2016 will be at Ace for about ten weeks of training. He will spend the other weeks between the school and the tournaments. He has good potentialities and if the right track will be follow on, he will be able to reach the professionalism.

It’s difficult now to say how much he can grow”. He is accompanied by his father, who works as professor for physical and sports education in Serbia and follows all his movements: “Nemaja – continues Appino – is grown a lot in the last period and we must work on the structure and the balances. But the work absolutely doesn’t worry him and he has the outstanding capability to immediately absorb all that is sayd to him and try to put it into practice right away. Then he is costant and is “hungry”, characteristics that help to grow in this hard and fascinating tennis world.

Next week, on the same courts, Appino will train a small English female talent just 12 years old, which ranks already at the 100th on the European list of the under 14. She is an English girl of color which he speaks well of. For those who would like to see on the courts other small talents of International origin, Ace Tennis Center is costantly the right place to do that.